The Perception Analysis Methodology (PAM) has been used to gather and analyze management metrics for organizations of all sizes and industries.

PAM has been used by companies with employees numbering as few as 15 and as large as a multi-national corporation with employees numbering in the thousands.  Below is a partial user list of industries:

Global Chemical Company, $2.6 billion international water treatment/process company

Cheese Processing Company, an $800 million cheese processing company   
Merchandising Company, a $36.5 billion food and drug store chain  

Financial Services Company, a $3.2 billion financial services firm 

Pharmaceutical, a $6.5 billion food, drug and general merchandise retail chain

Public Utility Company, a $1.3 billion public utility

Insurance Provider, a $600 million specialty insurance company.

County Government, the county municipality of a major mid-west city.

Software Products Company, a $48 million global software company

Medical Practice, a 25 member physician group

High Tech Management Consulting Firm, $28 million consulting services

Multi-location Medical Center and Medical Services provider

Global Sales Training Firm training over 20,000 sales professionals

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