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Analysis Selection – provides a tree structure for configuring and selecting analysis sessions
Analysis Series Selection  – the detailed Groups, CSFs, or Issues are shown here for selection in an analysis session.
Chart Analysis Area – The radar charts, bar graphs, and results matrices are shown in the "Chart Analysis Area".  Responses are represented numerically from 1 (center) to 100 (outer limit) on the chart. 
(Chart Analysis Area)
Numerical Value & Response:

100 = Extremely Satisfied/Important
  83 = Very Satisfied/Important
  66 = Slightly Satisfied/Important
  50 = Neutral
  33 = Slightly Unsatisfied/Unimportant
  16 = Very Unsatisfied/Unimportant
    1 = Extremely Unsatisfied/Unimportant
The difference (distance) between the Red and the GREEN is the perceived "Sufficiency" of the Issues or CSFs for the partcipants under analysis.
References to the KBE screen areas are made throughout this document.  The KBE screen is divided into the following areas:

Tool Bar – provides options for Knowledge Bank Selection, Setting KBE Properties, Sorting Charts, Exporting Information to Excel and Word, and other options.  
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PAM Description
Knowledge Bank Explorer(KBE) Screen 
The RED always represents the level of "Satisfaction" of the participants and the GREEN always represents the level of "Importance" the respondents place on the Issues and CSFs.
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The BLUE line represents a threshold or minimum level of accetable satisfaction and importance.  Any responses inside this line are candidates for high priority considerations.