To ensure customer satisfaction, management identifies the things that must go “right” to continuously satisfy customers and develop their loyalty.  These “things” that must go right are the critical success factors (CSFs).  Good managers make use of these CSFs for measuring, tracking, controlling, and directing events to achieve customer satisfaction goals.  The CSFs are defined, characterized and quantified by various conditions called “Issues”.  These “Issues” drive the questions managers ask their subordinates to develop the visibility and insight into actions that need to be to reach the organization’s customer satisfaction goals.

The ability to manage and successfully reach the goals is directly proportional to the visibility management has of the true condition of the “Issues” related to the things that must go right (CSFs).
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If the things that should go right, do go right, then we progress successfully towards the final goals (the green ramp above).  Unclear visibility will lead management to decisions and leadership that takes the organization away from the goals causing frustration, incorrect policy and procedure modifications, misuse of tools, and a multitude of other “sins” (the red ramp above).
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