PAM Description
Group Detailed Issue Analysis
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This chart lists all the Issues by CSF or without the CSF breaks (as shown below).  The columns to the right of each issue show Importance, Importance Agreement, Satisfaction, Satisfaction Agreement, Sufficiency, Sufficiency Agreement, and the number of respondents for that Issue and selected Group.
The Agreement numbers are a representation of how closely all the respondents are in their perceptions of the Issues.  If the respondents were equally split, have were "100" and half were"1", the Agreement Index would be 50.  If they all had the same response, it would be 100.  This 'index' is based on the standard deviation, but is expressed in a more meaningful number consistent with the "0-100" scale used for the response representations.

The Group, CSF, Issue Analysis charts offer addition insights into the strength of agreement/disagreement by showing all the responses on horizontal bar graphs.
The Groups are listed (selected Group is highlighted) with their number of respondents in parenthesis in the Series Analysis Area with the title “Groups.”
This chart can be sorted by Issue number or by any of the columns to the right by clicking on the heading.
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