Perception Management, Inc.,provides a web-enabled investigative and measurement tool, the Perception Analysis Methodology (PAM) consisting of a proprietary process methodology and software suite.  

PAM accurately meaures the opinions, views, beliefs, and convictions of ALL interested and/or involved parties (stakeholders) regarding virtually any program, product utilization, operation or service.  Uses of PAM have included:
IT Governance Initiatives
IT Service Management Improvements
I.T.I.L., CobiT Initiatives
Balanced Scorecard, CMM Initiatives
Cultural Assessments
Change Management Initiatives
Business Operational Reviews
Technology Utilization Assessments
Risk Mitigation Assessments
Employee Satisfaction Assessments
Information Technology Utilization
Merger & Acquisition Readiness
Operability Maturity Model Initiatives
Sales Force Automation Reviews
Turnaround Management Projects
Customer Satisfaction Assessments
Technology Implementation
Day-to-Day Operations
Market Readiness Assessments
Vision Alignment
long Range Planning
Sales Channel Effectiveness
Supply Chain Improvement
Distribution Effectiveness
Process Reengineering
R&D Support
Critical Project Effectiveness
Corporate Renewal Initiatives
Excellence Initiatives
HR Support
Opinion Management
SOX Initiatives
Merger Management
ERP Implementations
New Business Initiatives
Software Implementations
Compliance Reviews
Problem Management
See how PAM is used with the above types of projects......
Perception Management, Inc.
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