Perception Management, Inc provides a web-enabled investigative and measurement tool, the Perception Analysis Methodology (PAM), for measuring and managing the hierarchy. 

Measuring and Managing the Hierarchy 

Information flow throughout the hierarchy is consistently and continuously 'filtered' and 'modified' as it is recieved and transmitted by members of the organization.
How PAM Works
Perception Analysis Methodology
Typical PAM Uses
Perception Management, Inc.
"...providing real visibility for management decisions..." 
PAM provides the ability to have electronic  'staff meetings' with ANY/ALL organization members at any time on any issues.

PAM eliminates the typical 'filtering' of information as it is passed from one level to the next.  

PAM improves the quality of information since respondents are 'protected' through anonymity in providing their input. 

PAM enables management to have a 'one-on-one' discussion of issues with ALL members of the hierarchy in an efficient and non-invasive manner. 

See some typical uses of PAM to solve major business problems.
The Perception Analysis Methodology (PAM) provides a means to accurately and continuously meaure the opinions, views, beliefs, and convictions of people throughout the hierarchy - at  ANY level or location.