Perceptions Are Continuously Changing 

Information flow throughout the hierarchy is consistently and continuously 'filtered' and 'modified' as it is recieved and transmitted by members of the organization.
How PAM Works
Typical PAM Uses
Perception Management, Inc.
"...providing real visibility for management decisions..." 
Determining and Measuring Perceptions

In order to change and manage perceptions, each individual needs to feel comfortable expressing their true beliefs and feelings.  Key to managing perceptions is to: 1) determine what they are and how strong they are, 2) then address what has been done to cause these perceptions, 3) address what needs to be done to change these perceptions, and 4) determine where the action needs to take place.

Collecting perceptions by demographic groups (groups with similar challenges and functions) provides the necessary focus for taking action and protects the respondents as well.
Directly addressing people about their perceptions doesn't work.  Fear of being wrong, fear of restitution for their opinions, fear of career damage for not embracing "the party line", and fear of rejection by their peer group are key motivators for adding "spin" to their true feelings and beliefs.
However, their day-to-day actions are based on the their perceptions.  In order to change or manage these perceptions, they must first be determined and measured.  Herein lie the challenges, made considerably easier with the Perception Analysis Methodolgy (PAM)!
What Can Be Done?
What Can Be Done?
Perception Analysis Methdology (PAM)